Crisis Communication

and Reputation Management

What is it?

Well, the wanky Wikipedia description says crisis communication is a sub-specialty of the public relations profession that is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organisation facing a public challenge to its reputation.  In real terms, it’s about helping you keep yourself out of the shit in the first place, but if you find yourself or your organisation at the centre of some kind of shit storm, we’ll help get you out of that. It might be messy. Actually, it could be a lot messy. But we pride ourselves on managing a crisis so as to minimise the fallout to you in terms of reputation – and your back pocket.

We’ll jump in if you’re dealing with an issue that could potentially blow up. Or we can assist if things have already turned nasty.

And after the worst of it is over, we’ll help you understand what you can learn from this. Not in a ‘your mother is so disappointed in you’ way, but rather a ‘let’s not let this happen again and here’s how’ way. We’ll put together a long-term communication, PR and engagement plan to ensure you repair relationships and earn back trust and credibility with the people and organisations that matter.

Who needs it?

Business crises can hit any business at any time. It could be as major as a death on site or something like a cafe getting caught up in a social media mess. Every business is exposed to risk. So if you’re concerned about a risk or issue in your business that needs to be managed, give us a call and sound us out.

How it works

You pick up the phone (cos this shit is urgent) and tell us about what you’ve got brewing or has already broken (goes without saying your secrets are safe with us). We’ll tell you how we think it’s best to manage the situation and how much that’s going to cost you for every hour we’re fixing your shit. You nod, sign the Ts and Cs and we show up and help take the pain away.

We will:

  • get your messaging sorted
  • suss out who we need to tell those messages to
  • deal with the media on your behalf
  • provide you with coaching before an interview
  • keep track of how things are unfolding so we can respond accordingly with our messaging and activities.


This depends entirely on just how much shit you are in. Call us. Tell us about the mess you’re in and we’ll tell you how much you’re looking at to save your ass. It won’t be cheap, but the alternative is that you deal with it yourself and hopefully you don’t balls it up. Because that could have huge fallout that will cost your reputation and bank balance. Up to you.