What is it?

Storytelling. It feels sometimes like storytelling is competing with other buzz words like ‘authenticity’ and ‘disruption’. Regardless, it’s really important that you’re telling your story. Because if you aren’t, we bet you that you’re missing out. Why? How? Listen up, friends.

Businesses often don’t tell their story. Or they tell it badly. The beauty of telling your story – and telling it well – is that it creates an emotional connection with the reader.

In a world where we’re more connected than ever before, and yet we often feel so isolated, people are searching for a human connection. They don’t remember facts and figures. But they do remember a story. They will buy from or do business with a company whose story resonates with them. With a company they feel an emotional connection to.

In fact, there is scientific evidence that proves our brains loooove a good story. It’s true! We’re wired for narrative. Listening or reading a story stimulates parts of the brain that evoke feelings of empathy and can trigger our brains to release those feel-good hormones dopamine and oxytocin.

Telling your story can help you gain a unique advantage in a competitive local, national or global environment. Tell your audience how you got to where you are in business today. Tell them why you do what you do. Tell them about your values. Tell them where you’re heading. Take them on a journey. And then take them on the journey with you.

If you don’t tell your story, who will?


Who needs it?

You do! No seriously. You really do.

If you aren’t telling your story – or you aren’t telling it well – you are missing out. On new customers. On keeping current customers. Bottom line: you’re probably losing revenue or missing out on it in the first place.

How it works

You can choose how you want to get started. You can come along to one of our introductory workshops to give you an understanding of how to tell your story. Or come to one of our more in-depth workshops where you’ll leave with the outline of your story sorted and an understanding of where you’re going to begin telling that.

Or, we’ll work with you one-on-one to craft your story. If you want us to, we’ll also help roll that out across the right channels whether it be mainstream media, social media or other internal or external means.

So let’s catch up over a cuppa and we’ll figure out how we can help tell your unique and compelling story.